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Anne C Wedding
Wedding & Event Planner
Drôme, Ardèche & Pro

couple mariés french kiss love amour mariage drôme provence amoureux mariage


I am Anne Christine, your wedding planner.


I created “Anne C Wedding" to have the privilege of walking with you

in the organization of one of the most beautiful moments of your life:

your wedding! !


The PROPOSAL has been made and you can't wait to start!!

Whether a big or small wedding, you are facing a river to cross!

You need support!

I will be by your side as a partner, a teammate.

For the next few months, we will be a team.

With joy, smile and kindness at all times, we will...

Find the best vendors and venue of your dreams,

Imagine and create your decoration,

Be there for you.

What style?

Bohemian, chic, bucolic or glamour, I will be attentive to your values and emotions.


Let's fulfill the wedding of your dreams in Drôme, Ardèche or Provence.

« Love is a juice with many tastes. Some bitter, others sweet.

A wine which has few vineyards.» 

Justice, Poetic Justice

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